Thank you for sending your plays to our 15th Annual PANNDORA'S BOX New Works Festival! It's an abundance of riches!

Theatres are beginning to stir and live theatre is showing signs of life. PANNDORA can't wait to get back on stage!  It's a big year for PANNDORA'S BOX - our 15th, our QUINCEAÑERA! We received a record number of submissions this year. So many wonderful plays came our way, we've extended the date to announce winners until October. We're on schedule to announce Festival winners mid-October. We hope to announce a live Festival at the GARAGE THEATRE this year in November.

Stay tuned, magic is coming your way!

Historically our stage productions have come straight "Out of the Box." Last year, Covid threw a wrench into that tradition, but we are still guided by it. If you want to get your play read and produced or workshopped, submit to PANNDORA'S BOX!

If you are a playwright and you missed submitting this year, come back next year and send us your play May 1 - July 1, 2022.


Still on the fence? Check out these comments from 3 Panndora writers:

Doc Andersen-Bloomfield

Like most theatre companies, Panndora Productions is made up of talented, hard-working, dedicated thespians, but what sets them apart is their consideration and love for one another as well as the playwrights they are producing. Their intelligence, attention to detail and willingness to go the “extra mile” for superb performance work has not been equaled in my 40 years working/writing for the theatre. A pleasure to write for and know... and love.

—Doc Andersen-Bloomfield, author of IN MY BONES, our next production

Cary J. Simowitz

There is nothing quite like the electric, visceral thrill of seeing your work brought to life. Collaborating with the outstanding acting and directing team afforded by the Panndora Family is truly the best way of unlocking your work's full potential. I feel very fortunate to have had such an opportunity!

—Cary J. Simowitz, St. Louis, Mo., author of A WOLF’S MOTHER (2019 production)
Ken Pisani

I was thrilled to be among Panndora’s Box Festival of New Works winners - to hear my characters come to life in a staged reading by three extraordinary actors, beautifully staged and directed. And then I found myself doubly blessed when “Glove Story” was chosen for a full production. Panndora's production team has been thoughtful, professional, diligent, and inclusive of me throughout the creative process. They cast extraordinary actors and were true to every moment of the text, however big or small, and found moments I didn’t know were there. Together, they birthed this baby and got it on its feet and out in the world in a way that exceeded my expectations. Their commitment, creativity, and endless positive energy from first table read to Opening Night (and beyond!) was humbling.

—Ken Pisani, Los Angeles, CA, author of GLOVE STORY (2019 production)


We remain optimistic that the world situation will allow theatres to resume normal operations by the time of our Festival and that this year's Festival will be an exciting weekend at THE GARAGE THEATRE filled with playwrights, actors, theatre lovers, and supporters. If this does not come to pass, our Festival will still go on in some Virtual Format to be determined. Last year we went completely Virtual and the results were amazing (great turnout!).

Winning plays will be announced in October 2021.

The art and craft of playwriting can be a lonely experience. PANNDORA'S BOX provides playwrights with a forum in which your plays can be heard as they come off the page in readings by experienced actors with experienced direction.




by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield | directed by Sonja Berggren

Simidele, a West African teenager with an horrendous history, not to mention, attitude, meets/collides with Antonia, a straight-laced professor of Botany with secrets of her own, as they are forced to become room-mates, detainees in the Brideswell Immigration Detention Centre, England. Agassou, a magical panther, who resides in the gigantic Baobab tree over Simi's bed, watches over her, guiding her magical juju gift. "In My Bones" is the story of two very different women’s relationship and their eventual friendship, born out of the need to trust . . . and survive.
with Kea Bird, Craig Johnson, Tiffani Williams, and Karen Wray

Last year we chose IN MY BONES to be produced at the GARAGE THEATRE in May 2020. Then Covid-19 came to town and sadly theatres closed. When they open, we hope to start with this beautiful play. 

Our productions will follow in the footsteps of PANNDORA'S BOX winners: A WOLF'S MOTHER by Cary J. Simowitz (2019), GLOVE STORY by Ken Pisani (2019), JUPITER MOON by Bob Valine (2018), IN KINGS & FOOLS by Kevin Daly (2017), SWEET TEXAS RECKONING by Traci Godfrey (2016), MEDUSA UNDONE by Bella Poynton (2015), FRAGILE THING CRACKS by Ben Jolivet (2014), CATCHING THE BUTCHER by Adam Seidel (2013), and HOOK-UPS by Alexandra Petri (2012).

Stay safe and well! Get vaxxed! Stay hopeful! Stay tuned!





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