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Panndora's Box 2014
Sep. 5, 2014 — Sep. 7, 2014

8th Annual Festival of New Works

Venue The Garage Theatre

PANNDORA'S BOX 8th Festival of New Works ~

by Dan Borengasser
directed by Karen Wray

It's 52-year-old Harrison Dodd's first day on the job at the Burger Bucket, a local fast-food joint famous for its Bodacious Burger. Assigned to the drive-through window, Harrison finds himself paired up with 23-year-old Juanita Flores, a ballsy, no-nonsense, single mom. Over the next 90 minutes, a parade of people stop by the restaurant, providing Harrison and Juanita with an eye-opening experience - and a real education - more than either would have thought possible. This fast-paced, dark comedy offers a unique, satiric perspective on the American dream.
with David Gold, Tiffanee Hall, Zach Kanner, Allison Kranz, Derek Long, Pete Taylor, Spencer Williams, and Corey Zetterberg

by J.R.Spaulding Jr.
directed by Pete Taylor

The St. Juliana brothers. They're Union, they're Italian, they're brothers. Everything about them suggests a steadfast loyalty to one another. That's why when the youngest, Angelo, gets fired from his job at Scarborough Construction and falls prey to his own alcoholic anger he calls on his brothers, Johnny and Butch, to clean up the mess he's made. The question is, how far are they willing to go when it comes to protecting their family?
with Mike Csoppenszky, Derek Long, Mark Piatelli, Phoef Sutton, Pete Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Bill Vetro, and Karen Wray

by Karen L. Lewis
directed by Sonja Berggren

In 1971 a tragedy in Vietnam blew Barb Marshall's and Kitty Preston's worlds apart. Now, a decade later, Barb crashes a "Welcome Home" party for the man she's blamed and wished dead every minute of every day of those ten years. Barb's demand for answers launches the two women on a journey of discovery and acceptance.
with J.J. Boone, Eric Davis, Derek Long, Rebecca Taylor, and Corey Zetterberg

by Bella Poynton
directed by Pam Paulson

A theatrical retelling of the little known Medusa origin story. Before she was one of the greatest mythical monsters of all time, Medusa was a kind, beautiful sea-nymph in Athena's service. Unparalleled in both her beauty and devotion to the Gods, Medusa catches the eye of the charming but narcissistic Poseidon. Interested only in the passions of the spirit, and not the flesh, Medusa feels she has no choice but to reject the greedy God. For this, she not only suffers violence at the hand of Poseidon, but also incites a deep-seated jealousy in Athena, with horrific and disturbing consequences. Medusa Undone explores how rape culture reverberates through the ages, and calls out attention to the great injustice suffered by female victims of abuse.
with Ariel Barber, Sonja Berggren, Carmen Guo, Derek Long, and Caitlin Lowerre

by Steve Julian
directed by Rebecca Taylor

Savannah's 25th birthday triggers a series of transitions for her and her family. Those who think they are settled discover they are not. Those who crave change are told to be satisfied with what they have. It's a tug of war that has inexplicable consequences. How does a family unite when it is easier to be at odds?
with Alexandra Billings, Carmen Guo, Pam Paulson, Darcy Porter-Phillips, and Pete Taylor


"CODE 3 ADAM" by Eric Eberwein
"ECSTASY" by Ken Scarborough
"RELEASE NOTE" by Joe Thristino
"THIS IS OURS" by Kevin Daly


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