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Panndora's Box 2012
Oct. 12, 2012 — Oct. 14, 2012

6th Annual Festival of New Works

Venue Theatre Out, Santa Ana

Nureyev's Eyes by David Rush
directed by David Gold

During the 70's, the American painter, Jamie Wyeth (son of Andrew), did a series of works on Rudolf Nureyev, the famous dancer. The play imagines what their encounters may have been like. It shows how they first met, how Jamie convinced Rudi to sit for him, how their friendship grew through fits and starts, and --- after Nureyev dies -- how Jamie's life is changed.
with Pete Taylor and Jonathan Mariott

First, Do No Harm by J. Thalia Cunningham
directed by Karen Wray

Treshaun Clester just died on the operating table during a routine appendectomy. No one knows why. His surgeon, Dr. Elissa Kerry, must give the news to Mattie, Treshaun's mother. Subsequent investigation spins Dr. Kerry's personal and professional lives into a nightmare. The State Medical Board. The Hospital. Patients. Her Marriage. Sometimes, it seems as though Mattie is the only one who understands.
with Sara Guerrero, Cynthia Ruffin, Derek Long, Jordan Bellow, Sonja Berggren, Sky Siegel, and Pam Paulson

The Sin Eater by Michael Bettencourt
directed by Sara Guerrero

Margaret Pasqualini, accused of child abuse for taking nude photos of her son, decides to take 30 days in jail rather than admit any guilt. While there, she meets Vera Cortez, in prison for abetting the murder of her daughter. They form an unlikely alliance to create a world where children do not have to pay a cost for being children.
with Shauna Bloom, Sara Guerrero, and Cynthia Ruffin

Weak Trembles by Hal Corley
directed by Pete Taylor

Obsessed with teenaged musical prodigy Chloe's sudden secrecy, Rusty and Elena stumble their loving - if maddeningly politically correct - way through the parenting mine fields, with devastating results for their daughter and themselves.
with Darcy Porter, Elsa Martinez and Pete Taylor

Catching the Butcher by Adam Seidel
directed by Pam Paulson

A serial killer has been roaming a Texas town, killing women and dropping their remains into the river with a poem attached. While this maniac has most of the female population of the city fearing for their lives, one woman searches out the killer in hopes of becoming his lover. How far will some people go to feel like they belong?
with Rick Kopps, Rebecca Taylor, and Karen Wray


The art and craft of playwrighting can be a lonely experience. PANNDORA'S BOX Festival of New Works provides playwrights with a forum in which their works can be heard as they come off the page in readings by experienced actors with benefit of direction. We are honored that so many playwrights trusted their works to our company and wish we could include more. That not being an option, we selected five additional plays to receive

Honorable Mention ~

Encounter with the Hunchback of Checktowaga by Jim Marzo
La Fee Verte by Bridgette Dutta Portman
The Draper's Eye by Fengar Gael
The Perfect Wife by Karen Lewis
Two Can Play by Lorin Howard
Congratulations to all our winning playwrights!

In the writing of a play, a playwright's imagination can only envision characters in an impressionist fashion. It is the real time portrayal of a staged reading that provides the clear lens for the author, allowing him/her the chance to make modifications to the work. The better the acting and directing - both excellent at Panndora Box - the more vivid the characters. The production, the feed back and the camaraderie all made for an uplifting experience, all enriching the development of my play.

Panndora's Box 2011 was a great experience for me from top to bottom. A wonderful reading of my play with a fabulous director and cast, followed by a very helpful post-show critique. What's not to love?
-Larry Herold, THE SPORTS PAGE, 2011

I had such a wonderful, uplifting experience. My play was beautifully done from start to finish by experienced actors who were expertly directed. The critical comments I received helped me enormously. Panndora is a wonderful, supportive place to test out a new play. Many thanks.
-Lucile Lichtblau, THE ENGLISH BRIDE and URBAN LEGEND, 2010 and 2011

I had a terrific experience with Panndora's Box. The actors who performed in the reading of 'Whites in Hot Water" were outstanding. The direction was phenomenal. It was exciting to see my play on its feet, and I learned a lot about the play's strengths and weaknesses.
-Garrett Socol, WHITES IN HOT WATER, 2010

Encouraging, enthusiastic and helpful are some of the words that define my experience with Panndora's Box. Their professionalism is outstanding, their personal consideration most welcome, and their organization is superb.

If you are searching for a company that truly values new work, look no further than Panndora's Box. I have had many experiences with playwriting contests and festivals before, but none have been as positive as my time with Panndora's Box. Definitely a company I can't wait to work with again.
-Jennifer Jones, SUNDAY'S CHILD, 2009

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